Dean Hill State Rep Family PhotoDean E. Hill is running for State Representative in Michigan’s 78th district to fight for the rights of Michiganders for quality public education, a healthy environment, quality infrastructure, worker’s rights, and healthcare.  As a former public school teacher, Dean has witnessed firsthand the effects state legislature and special interest groups have had on our public school system and economy. Dean’s Michigan roots enable him to represent your community in Lansing, as he fights to restore Michigan to a state we can all be proud to call home. Born in Detroit in the 50's, Dean was raised in Michigan and graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1972. Shortly after graduation, he was hired by Dowagiac Union Public Schools, where he stayed until 2017.

Dean has run for political office twice, the first time for Niles City Council in the 80's, and in for State Representative in 2016. He has been a Niles, Michigan resident for 45 years, and currently lives there with his wife Lorrie and two of their grandchildren.



Haight, Longjohn, Hill, Klimek, visit IBEW Local 153 South Bend Indiana"It’s funny where life can take you.  When I was in junior high school,I paid some attention to politics, but not much. My family didn't discuss politics, so when someone asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican, I didn't know how to answer that question. My senior year with Elwood Kureth, my Civics teacher at Melvindale High School (near Detroit), changed my uncertainty. He was a big fan of Marvin Esch, a Republican congressman from the region. He didn't knock us over the head praising him. He would give us things he stood for and what he was trying to do, and taught us about other congressmen and the state government. I learned from that class what a mix of issues there is in the world of politics.

As time went on, I pretty much figured out that I was a Democrat. I sided with union causes, human rights issues and fair tax laws for all. I was asked by some neighbors to run for a council seat in the city of Niles in the late 80's. I lost that election, but I did gain more insight to the workings of the democratic process. In 2016, I was asked to run for the Michigan House seat in the 78th, and my opponent was re-elected during that election. But I’m back at it again to try and be the first Democrat to be elected in the 78th since 1964."

I’m working hard and learning as much as I can about the issues people bring up to me while campaigning. I believe in Michigan and I am dedicated to making southwest Michigan stronger. As a teacher I believe in investing in our community - our youth, our businesses, our environment. It's time that our government is about the people and not about big corporations. Help me bring this passion to Lansing and Let’s Bring Michigan Back, together.